Confess Declare Announce CDA by Pastor Ife Adetona [PDF]

Confess Declare Announce CDA by Pastor Ife Adetona [PDF]

Confess Declare Announce CDA Book Description

CDA Unlocking the Supernatural book by Pastor Ife Adetona opens up numerous opportunities for believers. It demonstrates the strength found in confessing, announcing, and declaring.

By using the concepts covered in this book, psychologists have helped many people, and motivational speakers have made a fortune. It has been used by both giants and the men of old in the kingdom to do things as if they were not mortal beings.

Confess Declare Announce CDA by Pastor Ife Adetona [PDF]

The dynamic impact of this enigma, which the author has taught in numerous settings, has been attested to by his listeners. Whatever you choose to call it—the CDA formula or the CDA capsule—it has always been effective.

According to some testimonies, applying CDA has answered long-standing prayer requests. You are going to step into the paranormal realm where regular people live like gods as you turn the pages of this book!

About the Author

Ife Adetona is the General overseer and founder of Sons and Daughters of Zion Worldwide, a non-denominational and interdenominational discipleship ministry dedicated to developing holy and spirit-filled Christians who will be rapturable in order to bring everyone into a sufficient knowledge of Christ and into a communion with the Holy Spirit.

He is not only a preacher, but also a brilliant author. He is the author of many influential works on a wide range of subjects, including relationships, leadership, business, and Christian faith, to mention a few.

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