You Are Not a Bonus by Pastor Ife Adetona [Download PDF]

You Are Not a Bonus by Pastor Ife Adetona [Download PDF]

You Are Not a Bonus Book Description

There are currently around 7.8 billion individuals on Earth, but you are not one of them. You are not Bonus. You are a unique person that God created. No one is “born by accident,” yet there are persons who could be “parents by mistake.” In the mind of God, your creator, you existed before you ever existed. You are the result of God’s meticulous and purposeful planning.

You Are Not a Bonus by Pastor Ife Adetona [Download PDF]

There was an issue on Earth, and God said, “Let there be a solution.” The answer was you, that’s right. You came here voluntarily. A thing’s composition is determined by its purpose. You were born the way you were because of your mission. You were a product of that family and nation because of it. They were intended to work for you, not against you.

You will discover yourself through this book and be put on the path to leading a fulfilling life. You are about to go through what hundreds of our School of Purpose students who attended this lecture claimed made them into new people.

About the Author

Ife Adetona is the General overseer and founder of Sons and Daughters of Zion Worldwide, a non-denominational and interdenominational discipleship ministry dedicated to developing holy and spirit-filled Christians who will be rapturable in order to bring everyone into a sufficient knowledge of Christ and into a communion with the Holy Spirit.

He is not only a preacher, but also a brilliant author. He is the author of many influential works on a wide range of subjects, including relationships, leadership, business, and Christian faith, to mention a few.

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