Time and Task Management by Pastor Ife Adetona [Download PDF]

Time and Task Management by Pastor Ife Adetona [Download PDF]

Time and Task Management Book Description

This book – time and task management by Pastor Ife Adetona is a revolutionary guide. A few years back, I grumbled to God that I couldn’t seem to manage the ministry’s job in just 24 hours any longer.

I was anticipating a pat on the back, but what the Holy Spirit revealed to me was surprising. “If you claim that 24 hours is not enough for you, then you are either doing something that you shouldn’t be doing, or you are doing something that someone else should be doing for you,” he stated.

Those statements inspired me to research and explore practical applications of time and task management ideas. This book results from that never-ending research, use, and experience. I can guarantee that more discoveries are waiting for you in this masterwork, whether you are in the same situation I was in or have learned a lot about time management principles.

Time and Task Management by Pastor Ife Adetona [Download PDF]

Your likelihood of success in life and your work directly relates to how quickly you read. The author thinks that reading the kinds of books you should read and reading more of them will boost your time value and employ-ability. Your whole worth in life will increase due to the second portion of this book, which will give you rare book reading skills.

To the glory of God the Father, the book’s concepts are applicable, workable, tried-and-true, and expressed in plain, primary language. It would be best to read this book at the start of each month or occasionally to retain your equilibrium.

About the Author

Ife Adetona is the General overseer and founder of Sons and Daughters of Zion Worldwide, a non-denominational and interdenominational discipleship ministry dedicated to developing holy and spirit-filled Christians who will be rapturable in order to bring everyone into a sufficient knowledge of Christ and into a communion with the Holy Spirit.

He is not only a preacher, but also a brilliant author. He is the author of many influential works on a wide range of subjects, including relationships, leadership, business, and Christian faith, to mention a few.

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TIME & TASK MANAGEMENT by Pastor Ife Adetona [Download PDF]


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