Tithing Testament by Pastor Ife Adetona [Download PDF]

Tithing Testament by Pastor Ife Adetona [Download PDF]

Tithing Testament Book Description

One of the most contentious issues in the modern church is tithing. Even believers are intrigued by it since it is so debatable. But since this profound truth is controversial to many, should we avoid teaching it?

Every believer understands the connection between our prosperity and tithe. For this reason, this book’s author has tried to demystify several complicated tithing-related matters.

Tithing Testament by Pastor Ife Adetona [Download PDF]

The author examines the connection between tithing and the Mosaic law at the outset of his straightforward writing before explaining other tenets and aspects of tithing.

He explained the rewarding system as it relates to tithe and giving, in addition to shedding light on other aspects of giving. Indeed, the seasons of sowing and harvesting, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, and so on, won’t end as long as the planet exists.

About the Author

Ife Adetona is the General overseer and founder of Sons and Daughters of Zion Worldwide, a non-denominational and interdenominational discipleship ministry dedicated to developing holy and spirit-filled Christians who will be rapturable in order to bring everyone into a sufficient knowledge of Christ and into a communion with the Holy Spirit.

He is not only a preacher, but also a brilliant author. He is the author of many influential works on a wide range of subjects, including relationships, leadership, business, and Christian faith, to mention a few.

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